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  • Dan Winter

    I thought you might find this interesting or at least entertaining, so I decided to create an account and post this link. What he talks about should have overlaps with subjects you are interested in. He is basically an electrical engineer who branced off into fields like spirituality etc. I personally don't have enough knowledge or understanding to evaluate his theories compared to distintis though, I'm more of a skimmer when it comes to those subjects.

    Crazy scientist and electrical engineer Dan Winter :smiley:

  • Preview

    Hello Everyone!

    We are going to start an Open-Source-Hardware project about Robert's Ethereal Mechanics Experiments! What we really need are exact drawings and 3D models of each experiment.

    We are using Onshape as CAD and Collaboration tool to design Paradox Generators and the Railgun Experiments.

    With a free account ( click "Create Account" and "I'm a hobbyist or maker") you can create public documents and invite other users work with you in real time. No need to install anything, just use a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)!

    I think this is the perfect tool to capture the complete information so everyone in the world can recreate the experiments.

    You can also make copies of the complete designs and vary the size of the experiment. This could help generate more experimental data to verify the simulation models!

    Here is a preview of the Paradox 1: ... 10915ad05a
  • Hello

    Robert Distinti -- 50 years old.
    I have a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science -- specialty is Electromagnetic Physics
    My day job is a Software Engineer so that there is no conflict of interest.

    Ethereal Mechanics started 20 years ago (this summer) when I read that researchers discovered that the spring force in a spring is due to Coulomb forces. This stopped me in my tracks because the capacitor (which is also operated by coulomb forces ) is the electric analog for the spring. By symmetry I surmised that the inductor (which is the analog of a "mass") must be the mechanism of Inertia.

    Finding a link between inertia and electricity was the missing link that Einstein was looking for.

    It took me a while to realize that Faraday's "Law" was ridiculous -- A Model of electromagnetism that does not apply to point charges? Seriously?

    There had to be a better model for inductance, that research let to the New Inductance Model and then to the New Magnetism model.

    I kept pulling on the thread -- and now the emperor has no clothes.

    Hope you enjoy this Blog. Many Thanks to Sebastian for this effort.
  • Tides, binary orbits, Ethereal Mechanics

    The drawing is misleading because in reality the tides are much higher further from the equator. Further, the drawing is obviously wrong as the acceleration of the water from earth's gravity would be much greater than the moon from the greater mass and proximity. Earth's gravitational pull is much greater than the moon but diminishes relative to the moon where the vector of the moon from the surface is perpendicular ie far north or far south. (Where the vector is at right angle to the center of the earth the acceleration of the water towards the moon is unaffected by the earth's gravity). At perpendicular the acceleration of the water towards the moon is greatest and the acceleration can be calculated by the gravitational formula. Perhaps after correcting the lies taught in school about tides then we can turn to your analysis. I agree the vortex supplies a better explanation for the tide on the far side of the earth.
  • Newbie:- Old Student of the Work's of Nikola Tesla. "Everything is Light"

    73 years old student of Tesla. Current studies "Magnets How they Really work". Following Ken Wheeler's theories / Books on Magnetism. Out of the box experiments on YouTube Channel. E.power.DC
  • Forum is updated!

    Dear Members, 

    The forum update is done  :D 
    We successfully switched from phpbb to vanillaforums! 
    With the help of an import tool all messages, topics and users could be transferred. Nevertheless I had to go through all posts again and correct them manually because we are using a new editor now. That was a lot of manual work but it was worth it.

    Please have a look around and if you miss something please let me know. If you like you can also visit the old forum if you miss some things:

    I wish you all the best and hope that you stay healthy!

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