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  • Invite for an interview

    I am the leader of etherdynamic. This is a theory similar to yours. Don't you want to discuss it?
    I'm from Russia. Therefore, there may be some language barrier. But I think we can start an international struggle for normal physics. We recently had a conference. There are a lot of people in Russia who develop this topic on their own initiative. I think you might be interested in this.
  • Subscription issue

    If Patreon works like many such login/password websites, and I'd guess it does, then whatever email address it has on its records for the account you thought was yours, and the associated password, are the key to accessing that account.  You can only change either the email or password when already logged in using the currently recorded <email, password> pair.

    So if you don't have access to that <email, password> pair,  then you (I'm still guessing here) would have to start over with a new account, that does have an <email, password> pair you do control and know.

    If that's how Patreon works, then they would risk security violations of existing accounts to change that email in their database themselves in some backdoor way.  Patreon is simply are not setup to positively, absolutely, insure that any given person contacting them by other means is the same person as who controls the account of a particular <email, password> pair.
  • Tesla

    Tesla was a brilliant engineer, but he had the same problems as a lot of other scientists.

    The electric models used at that time were insufficient to make a validation of his patents.

    Tesla was using scalar electromagnetic waves, for his wireless power transmission.
    And since scalar electromagnetic waves do not exist , evenin the current science-books, it's difficult to prove the existence....

    Then Robert J Distinti came along....
    His model can be used for describing scalar electromagnetic waves.

    Konstantin Meyl, came to the same conclusion, and is able to transmit power wireless .

  • Free Energy Machine - worth a look

    Hi all,
    Can those experienced electrical engineers out there look at this and see what you think?

    It's from this channel -
    It's an alternator with magnets glued around the edge, N, S, N, S, ..., and then the alternator feeds the motor, and the motor drives the alternator.
    It kind of looks legit.

  • Universons Theory - Ether Waves experimental results by Dr Clause Poher (ex head of French NASA)

    Dr Poher has been working in his retirement on a theory of gravitation inspired by his professional work for the French Government where he was put in charge of investigating UFO Phenomena. His Universons theory proposes a flux of "universes" which look like the quantum waves of Dr Milo Wolff (carried by the. Aether) He has managed to create an anisotropic flux by distorting the electron standing wave and this achieving 100+ G of acceleration which also irradiates distant matter. 

    website (mostly in French but English presentation with experimental demonstrations)
    paper here

    I think this work would confirm that that it is waves which generate matter and power it, not ether although ether can be moved and entrained by matter. Dayton Millers work on Aether drift which showed definite directions based on side real time and diurnal time suggest that the idea that  planets, suns, galaxies are carried along by aether/ether flow is correct.  

    Poher has actually managed to harness the quantum wave energy to produce massive amounts of work and he describes the experimental set up on how to do this. I know RD is massively busy and I applaud his excellent work .... Poher's years of experimental study and results may present a great piece of the puzzle. He himself has couched it in QM terms which is understandable given his PHD background but he work really starts to restore physical process and classical mechanics to physics. He uses his results to shoe how the pioneer anomaly may be caused plus other galactic effects similar to RD.... 

    His site used to have much more detail on but he has patented a lot of work so I think much has been removed, This is excellent evidence for the aether though but I imagine it will be completely ignored by the mainstream ..... Poher is not closed minded and took the UFO phenomena very seriously and his ideas stem from observations on craft performance based on data collected from multiple sources.

  • Brilliant Light Power

    Brilliant Light Power's SunCell Announced on CNN International

  • Speed of Light in a Medium

    Yes, this is why I thought it may be of interest here. I like his equations as well.
  • Speed of Light in a Medium

    This is fascinating! Thoughts?

  • Thank you Brolifen

    @Distinti @brolifen @ThePythonicCow and others:
    Reviewing something from a different perspective can spark insights.  Attached are two papers that relate to the topic of this thread.  The authors apply electrical engineering knowledge with very interesting results.  Interested in what you think, here are some excerpts from the two papers which summarize content:
     THE CONTROL OF THE NATURAL FORCES  Frank Znidarsic PE, Revised 1/2012
    "This paper will produce the energy of the photon, the energy levels of the hydrogen atom, and the probability of transition as effects of the transitional velocity."
    "Richard Feynman stated, “Physicists put this number up on their wall and worry about it.”   This author has classically produced the fine structure constant as the ratio of twice the transitional speed to the speed of light."
    "This author has produced Planck’s constant and the deBroglie wave from a fundamental classical argument.  This emergence has provided a classical foundation for the Schrödinger wave equation."
    Quantized Capacitance and Energy of the Atom and Photon  Lane M Davis, January 7th, 2015
    "By modeling both the atom and the photon as capacitors, the correct energy levels are easily produced via extrapolation from Maxwell’s, Gauss’, Coulomb’s and Ohm’s laws – without the need to inject Planck’s constant into the equation ad-hoc."
    "Analysis of these equations lends credence to Planck’s fervent and controversial personal dogma that the constant which he himself had discovered is nothing but “a mathematical trick”.  Further analysis shows that this model reconciles the wave-particle duality; wherein the wave properties of light and matter produce the particle-like aspects as a result of the laws of electrical engineering in conjunction with the uncertainty principle and Schrödinger’s wave equations."
  • Electrogravity: Version 1.0 Full Public Release

    @Distinti ; Here's some feedback on the latest EM03 V1.0, much of it minor.

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