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  • Brilliant Light Power

    Brilliant Light Power's SunCell Announced on CNN International

  • Speed of Light in a Medium

    Yes, this is why I thought it may be of interest here. I like his equations as well.
  • Speed of Light in a Medium

    This is fascinating! Thoughts?

  • Thank you Brolifen

    @Distinti @brolifen @ThePythonicCow and others:
    Reviewing something from a different perspective can spark insights.  Attached are two papers that relate to the topic of this thread.  The authors apply electrical engineering knowledge with very interesting results.  Interested in what you think, here are some excerpts from the two papers which summarize content:
     THE CONTROL OF THE NATURAL FORCES  Frank Znidarsic PE, Revised 1/2012
    "This paper will produce the energy of the photon, the energy levels of the hydrogen atom, and the probability of transition as effects of the transitional velocity."
    "Richard Feynman stated, “Physicists put this number up on their wall and worry about it.”   This author has classically produced the fine structure constant as the ratio of twice the transitional speed to the speed of light."
    "This author has produced Planck’s constant and the deBroglie wave from a fundamental classical argument.  This emergence has provided a classical foundation for the Schrödinger wave equation."
    Quantized Capacitance and Energy of the Atom and Photon  Lane M Davis, January 7th, 2015
    "By modeling both the atom and the photon as capacitors, the correct energy levels are easily produced via extrapolation from Maxwell’s, Gauss’, Coulomb’s and Ohm’s laws – without the need to inject Planck’s constant into the equation ad-hoc."
    "Analysis of these equations lends credence to Planck’s fervent and controversial personal dogma that the constant which he himself had discovered is nothing but “a mathematical trick”.  Further analysis shows that this model reconciles the wave-particle duality; wherein the wave properties of light and matter produce the particle-like aspects as a result of the laws of electrical engineering in conjunction with the uncertainty principle and Schrödinger’s wave equations."
  • Electrogravity: Version 1.0 Full Public Release

    @Distinti ; Here's some feedback on the latest EM03 V1.0, much of it minor.
  • EM03 02: Pretonics (Latest Revision)

    Robert: Great to see your great work and effort start to go public.  Always a possibility of a bad apple trying to spoil, in case you haven't seen it, on your BitChute channel someone copied and pasted the same childish comments on ALL of your videos.  If possible, best to delete and block this type of irrational troll that deliberately posts offensive/provocative and distracting comments.  Also wanted to remind you that there is a note to (put link to video here) in your About section on BitChute and Odysee:
    BitChute and Odysee About EtherealMechanics:
    To Save Humanity (and the Earth) We need to Break the Light Barrier by At least a factor of 500. (put link to video here)
  • Does the value of α (alpha) come up in your equations?

    See here:

  • This is probaby the final theory of everything

    I just saw this 
    And I feel like its my duty to connect the dots here, meaning you guys and Distinti needs to see
  • Status 10 July 2022

    Good videos!  Here's feedback on typos in case you edit (moved this post here since it pertains to these first 2 public videos):
    EM03 00: Electrogravity: Introduction
    0:08 Screen text is partially cutoff on right side
    11:10 Add 'y' to 'The' (They) in: The_ gave up on it
    15:09 'Explains:' is partially cutoff on left side
    24:17 Not sure what 'ccc' means in note that is flashed on screen about arbitrary constants
    29:20 Remove 'the' from: Some things the are never released to public
    EM03 01: Electrogravity: Matter and Ether
    2:02 Add 't' to 'though' (thought) in: 'A demonstration of the though_ experiment' (flashed on screen)
    26:11 Remove 'the' from: Some things the are never released to public
    27:58 Remove 'the' from: Some things the are never released to public
  • Getting ready for the July 3 Release

    Good you found it, latest was first made available June 26 when Robert updated that May 15 post.  I also received an email on June 26 from letting me know the May 15 post had been updated and that email included a link to directly download the 1.pdf from it.

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