Review: M.E.G. Free Energy "Demonstration"

Sent in by Scott Thurman

My Comments.  Forgetting the poor production quality (Misspellings, Strange annoying music played at points for emphasis, Random video blackouts), He asks the pertinent question at 16:39:  Why are we not in production with the free energy generator.    His answer (at least my understanding) is that they need all of these expensive specialists to help them to get it to work properly.  

My question is then how did he (the inventor) get it to work in the first place?  

Don't be fooled that he has a patent.  A patent is not an affirmation of awesome invention.  It is merely a deed that gives him ownership of the idea allowing him to go after infringers.  The overwhelming number of patents are awarded for useless junk.  

Overall, his explanation made no coherent sense.  To be fair, in the past I have worked with smart people who had good ideas but their attempt to explain it using engineering/Scientific terminology was a disaster.  The at least had something functional.  From that I was able to correct their description/documentation and provide models to allow them to get further.

Here is a new aphorism. 

A picture is worth 1000 words; a working prototype is worth 100,000 words.


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