simple pthon program to generate the Q-matrix

In video U Q1 04: The Development of Q-Vectors, R.Distinti describes the actual way to build a matrix

Here is a little python script which does the construction automatic. ... sp=sharing

When you change the vectors to only x and y components, the result gives the dot product in the diagonal top-left to bottom-right
and the cross product on the other diagonal


  • SebastianGSebastianG Posts: 176
    edited April 2020
    Hi Walter,
    Sounds very interesting, I just sent you a request to see the file.
  • Walter VerbrugggenWalter Verbrugggen Posts: 22
    edited April 2020
    Oh stupid me,
    I forgot to share the file for everybody with the link....

    | Cq Cx Cy Cz |

    |Dq| | +AqBq+AxBx+AyBy+AzBz +AxBq+AqBx-AzBy+AyBz +AyBq+AzBx+AqBy-AxBz +AzBq-AyBx+AxBy+AqBz |
    |Dx| = | +AxBq+AqBx-AzBy+AyBz +AqBq+AxBx+AyBy+AzBz -AzBq+AyBx-AxBy-AqBz +AyBq+AzBx+AqBy-AxBz |
    |Dy| | +AyBq+AzBx+AqBy-AxBz +AzBq-AyBx+AxBy+AqBz +AqBq+AxBx+AyBy+AzBz -AxBq-AqBx+AzBy-AyBz |
    |Dz| | +AzBq-AyBx+AxBy+AqBz -AyBq-AzBx-AqBy+AxBz +AxBq+AqBx-AzBy+AyBz +AqBq+AxBx+AyBy+AzBz |

    gives a matrix for [D] = [AB]*[C]
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