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I'm Tibor Gáts, from Hungary, 40 years old. I have a BS in Electrical Engineering. I currently work on a project as a software developer (C++, cross-platform with wxWidgets). My English is not very good (as I've never been living at a place where people use this language), so please, don't be offended if I write something strange, or I misuse expressions.

When I was a kid I wanted to understand how the things work, and before going to elementary school, I already played a lot with constructing basic electronic circuits. I always tried to visually imagine how things work on the atomic level, how electrons flow through wires, etc. When I learned about electric charges, one of my first questions was: if a negative charge surrounded by vacuum (and vacuum is really the nothing), then how does it have information about in which direction exists a positive charge, to be attracted to that direction? I have never believed in any action at a distance (without underlying mechanism), and I strongly believed that vacuum is not nothing, and everything must be visually imaginable. So, when I first heard about relativity, I could not accept it, simply because I could not imagine it visually.
At school I had a lot of questions about physics which my teachers could not answer, and I was very frustrated about it. Also because many laws of physics contradicted each-other. But I was patient, I thought that at university I will get better explanations. Going to university was a huge disappointment for me, and I wanted to quit in the first year, I only finished it (at BS level) due to the persuasion by a friend of mine.
After university I worked on many projects, I designed analog and digital circuits, I've written programs for microcontrollers in Assembly and C. That time I spent a lot of my spare time trying to figure out the real laws of physics, I investigated some contradictions, and I did many strange experiments. In 2003, I made a couple of modified homopolar generator experiments, I got unexpected results, and I searched the internet if anybody has an explanation. I have found Distinti's New Magnetism, and I was really happy with that! The New Electromagnetism equations were the first ones that fit to my experiments. That time I already have read many aether theories, I was trying to figure out the mechanisms of ether, but I could not solve the puzzle. I was very glad to see Distinti's arguments on ether, and I really wanted to read his complete Ethereal Mechanics theory ASAP. Well, that did not happen yet, and I failed to try out myself, how ether works. So I'm very curious about the next videos, and about the new math construct.

My wife is pregnant, I will have a son in the next days. In the following years I would like to take part in an open source project for developing children toys, books, videos, softwares for the joyful education of physics, electronics, and chemistry based on Ethereal Mechanics.


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    Hi Tibor,
    Welcome to the forum!

    Nice idea about the educational project to teach ethereal mechanics!
    I also thought about how to visualize EM! Since the Oculus Rift (http://www.oculusvr.com) is a real hype right now, I could imagine a virtual reality simulation could help us making the ether and particles movement visible for everyone. This simulation could be like virtual laboratory to assemble molecules by hand and see their structures and behavior.
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    Tibor, your English is very good. It's remarkable if you don't have much opportunity to speak it locally. Congratulations on your new child.

    I'm just starting a project with Charles Chandler at http://qdl.scs-inc.us/?top=4741 to reform science and he's inviting people to use his site to collaborate on science projects and to write summary papers etc. Charles is a software developer and his site is very flexible for doing lots of things. He's been getting the kinks ironed out for the past few months.
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