Space Warp Dynamics

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David Pares claims to be able to create artificial space warp bubble which can compress space time!

He is using a special array to recreate the electric field of thunders. He claims that in some thunderstorms airplanes already have been "displaced" by warped space time due to high voltages in the atmosphere.
His plans for the summer is build the "Blue Bird II", a small vehicle which should be able to levitate a few feet of the ground.

What do you think? Could it be that a warp drive is developed in a garage?

I thought that you would need a lot more energy to have an usable effect on space-time/ether.

For more information you can visit his website:


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    I looked at the website. There are a number of things that don't make sense, of the major infractions is that he displays an electrostatics equation which is ostensibly describing the field of his "tripole array" which is intended to mimic the fields of thunder clouds. But the array is not sourced with a high voltage electrostatic generator, it is sourced from a 50 watt radio transmitter.

    On experiment #2 he switches to a fractal antenna -- a far cry from the dynamics of a thunder cloud or anything electrostatic.

    The worst is the over-unity

    On experiment 2 he has a graph with an equation: force=0.0242exp(0.0555watts)

    So according to the equation, 200 watts will give a force of 1600 N.

    Using 10 m/s/s for gravity , that means you can allegedly cancel the gravitational force on a 160kg mass.

    then if you increase the power to 250 watts, the force allegedly jumps to 26000 N which would then cause the mass to accelerate upwards at (26000/160)-10 = 150 m/s/s

    This means, that in the first second, the mass will attain 75 meters of altitude; which further means, that its potential energy has increased by mgh=160*10*75= 120000 joules. Because this happened in 1 second, that is 120000 watts

    so we have 250 watts in and 120000 watts out.

    Perhaps he has stumbled onto some sort of effect; however, his theory, apparatus and mathematics are describing three very different things. If there is no coherence between theory, models and experiment then it is just gibberish.

    I love the use of a narrow base scissor lift table to support a "sensitive" interferometry experiment. this is like taking measurements atop a rocking horse. This sort of arrangement will magnify any vibrations (such as people moving in the room), and is very susceptible to deflections from even the slightest air currents (like someone breathing on it).

    The other silliness is that he claims the interferometer fringe shows laser beam compression. Sorry no. The fringe pattern is normal, its the shift in the fringe pattern that would demonstrate something. This is stated lower where he shows off some sort of SW application but it does not seem to show any fringe shift. There are slight differences in the photographs which is due to noise (Look at the monochrome dot plots of the fringe, there are differences in the background spots in the regions away from the fringes) but the center of mass of the fringes have not moved. If his theory were correct, he should have been able to design the experiment to obtain a conclusive result in the detection method (like 1/4 to 1/2 fringe shift).

    Because he is using a dual arm interferometer, the only thing that should be detectable are the mirrors and lenses moving relative to each other.

    IN experiment #2 He states that he is looking for laser beam compression in the experiment; but his theory is about physical displacement. So again there is no coherence between theory and experiment.

    Another example of the infinite monkey theorem.
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    Space Warp Dynamics is still actively developing their "Space Warp Motor":!latest-news/c17b1

    I just found a Force-Power Graph from their tests:

    They are extrapolating their data points too far, and their trend curves are still exponential!
    I would be not surprised if they are just measuring the force of electrons flowing through the wires.
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