Status 6 Nov 2022: Crystal Investigation Bearing Fruit

Trying to get a handle on how to properly use crystals for the upcoming EM experiments has led to the realization that the published models are all confused and contradictory.  The textbooks have been publishing a "notional model" for crystals for years.  I was told (I forgot by whom) that it was only notional (for the reasons that I explain in video) but that information seems to have been lost as now it's being taken for REAL now.  That has led to the intermixing of the theory of the Pierce oscillator and the Colpitts oscillator.  You can see the confusion on the Wiki page.  

Since I will be starting an Engineering site to teach the basic concepts, I need a name for the new site.  I need a name that suggests the best -- nowhere else is better; Acme Engineering is already taken

Here are other ideas -- please suggest others 

Master Engineer 

Supreme Engineering 

Ethereal Engineering (kind of like this but maybe save for applications of EM) 

Distinti University 

-- I'm open to other names 


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