Status: NEV5 Experiments coming first.

In order to have confidence for NEV5 priory to writing Electrogravity, experiments were done quickly and results presently only shared with Patreon Members.

I have decided that we should do all the experiments for NEV5 before writing that paper.  I was going to do them after.  Two things have changed my mind.  

First, parts are becoming scarce, and I may not have anticipated everything that will be needed.  Example: presently, the precision amplifiers that I plan to use (I have in inventory) are out of stock at suppliers and are not expected to be back in stock until end of 2024.  Its best to get the experiments out of the way now in case something is needed. 

Second, There is an opportunity to make a whole bunch of support video that explain engineering topics that may draw interest.  for example

What is noise and how to mitigate it 

How do operational amplifiers work 

How do inductors work (Animations using New Induction) 

How does the hall effect work (compare legacy theory to New Magnetism)


The Picture above is the recent purchase of fine metal foils to perform the hall effect experiment.  Tibor gave us a link a while back which demonstrates that Zinc has a negative hall effect, which if true would be contradictory to all theories including NEV5 (Though I've have not yet done the computer modeling to verify this yet).  I purchased a bunch of different metals -- I also want bismuth foil -- still looking for it.    


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