Clever, but how is EM going to do it?

The video above is compelling; however, People have been striving for things like this for years.  If it were this simple, it would be in common practice. There are more fun video links at the bottom.

I'm sure there is a means to tap into the Ether to provide virtually limitless energy; however, it's going to be a tiny effect that can only be harvested by tiny machines at the scale of atoms (Atoms are machines that are harvesting this energy now; if the effect were larger, then atoms would be larger).  Using nano technology (or nanometer chip technology), trillions of atomic scale generators will be ganged together to produce limitless useful energy.  There are already many examples of how going small is where most the technological magic comes from.  I should do a video on this topic.

Here are some other entertaining videos that I have found 

40 perpetual motion machines from history

//The following video is part of a playlist that has many interesting machines and demonstrations

// Off the above topic -- but of great interest


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