EM03 02: Pretonics (Latest Revision)

The Vortrix Derivation was reshot and edited back into the video -- it just had too many oops.

It is also now public 





  • iQuestiQuest Posts: 6
    Robert: Great to see your great work and effort start to go public.  Always a possibility of a bad apple trying to spoil, in case you haven't seen it, on your BitChute channel someone copied and pasted the same childish comments on ALL of your videos.  If possible, best to delete and block this type of irrational troll that deliberately posts offensive/provocative and distracting comments.  Also wanted to remind you that there is a note to (put link to video here) in your About section on BitChute and Odysee:
    BitChute and Odysee About EtherealMechanics:
    To Save Humanity (and the Earth) We need to Break the Light Barrier by At least a factor of 500. (put link to video here)
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