Starlink Fail

My need for Starlink is wanning because Verizon seems to be stepping up to the plate to offer decent bandwidth.  And the recent event with starlink is actually turning me off.  here is what happened.

In late February, Starlink sent me an Email stating I had 7 days to confirm my request for a starlink terminal.  I missed the email for a number of different reasons.  So I lost my place in line and they claim that my service is filled to capacity and the next opportunity will be 2023; seriously!!!!.  I tried to add a new service address to my account in order to restart the process.  This FAQ says to click the plus sign to add a new service address.  Because I don't already have an active site  -- there is no plus sign and I could not find any way add an order back in.  I tried to ask a question in the customer support page -- it does not forward your question, it just tries to match with an existing one.    There is no help-line, no help email address, nothing, no-one to complain to that they never stated to me that there was going to be a confirmation email prior to shipping; otherwise, I would have been more prudent checking the box my starlink email goes into.  I tried to start a new order from the beginning,  and it will not take my order because it claims that the email address is already in use.  I guess they don't want to stay in business.

Maybee in the future when they improve customer service, I will look at this again.  In the meantime.  Verizon is extending their data plans to compete, it looks like it will become my long term solution.


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