Experiment of unusual induction effect

This is a journal article sent in by brolifen  (Thank you) 

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My Comments: I quickly perused this journal article.  Essentially the author is surmising about longitudinal magnetic field components.  That is not news for us; however, he is looking for something slightly different based on the Webber equation.  His abstract talks about an effect which is proportional to charge velocity which means he is looking for 1rst order effects as opposed to 2nd order effects which would be New Induction.  

The major problem with his experiment is that trying to isolate magnetic effects on charges moving in a tube past a capacitive plate that is alternating charging and discharging.   The major problem is that trying to measure magnetic effects in the presence of coulomb effects is impossible because the coulomb forces from a charge plate are 10^17 more powerful than any magnetic effect.  it would be like trying to detect a mouse fart in a hurricane.

This null result of the experiment is acknowledged in section 3.4. 

3.4 Objections

The experiment performed in this article does not yet

provide a final proof that the postulated force actually

exists. The results instead should be understood as an

indication that such a force could exist

I'm sorry, but null results don't indicate a damn thing.  Why are journals publishing this useless stuff?  

We have talked about the Webber equation in the past -- I have a video on it somewhere, Search for Webber  on this site-- it should bring it up.



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