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Hello everyone,

My name is Sebastian and I'm from Germany.
I'm a 30 years old mechanical engineer and my work is the simulation of rubber/metal components in wind turbines.
The first time I heard about the ethereal mechanics theory was in a comment on aetherforce.com

In the first years in school, we were taught about gravity. The teacher told us that gravity is a pulling force by earth. While looking at my hand I was thinking how can earth pull my hand down? Doesn't something has to go through my hand and pushing from above down? This was the first time I thought that something was strange about school education.

The following years I always tried to learn more about physics and tried to get relativity in my head. Glad that these headaches are gone since I learned about Robert's great theories!

My hobbies are video games, reading, E-guitar and of course watching the videos about ethereal mechanics on youtube!


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    What area of Germany are you in? I'm near St. Louis, Missouri, and am 5th generation mostly German-American. I think I'm 87.5% German. I have a cousin in Uslar (near Goettingen) who used to be the mayor there, maybe still is. Another cousin had a business in Calw-Wimberg (between Frankfurt and Stuttgart I think) with photoelectronic products. Ich spreche Deutsch nur ein bisschen.
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