NEV5: Comprehensive Experimental Results

This is Part 1. 

I'm very sure NEV5 is the tip of the Unified Field Iceburg.  Thats the Reason for the "profound" title on the video graphic.

I'm not releasing the models just yet.  Only the experimental comparison.

Here are links to the other resources: (Merry Xmas) 

T13: Review of Theories of Everything

NE5 P01: The New Electromagnetism Model of Magnets

EM Foundation Series Playlist

T18: Lepton Magnetic Moment from Ethereal Mechanics

Graduate Thesis: Computing Trace inductance from New Electromagnetism

New Gravity Paper:  Black Holes, Time Dilation, Inertia E=MC^2 oh my!

New Magnetism (V3) Paper:

PDX: The Paradox Test Set

T1: Break The Light Barrier by Factor of 500 or Perish

T3: UN sustainable development requires 90% Purge

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