A Plausible Future

The level of national and personal debt is unsustainable and must lead to bankruptcy and currency collapse.   Once supply chains break down; food will rot in the fields as people starve.   This has happened before and it will happen again.  I use Asimov's term: The interregnum from the Foundation series which was inspired by the rise and fall of the Roman empire.

The above collapse must happen (when is the question).  I'm working to ensure EM research will continue no matter what.   The contents of the video along with the following paragraphs represent plausible outcomes and we must watch as see if events begin to track.  I personally think there is just going to be pandemonium for a while and things will slowly improve.

So here is my caveats on the video.

In the expansive history of humanity; the majority of the population has lived under the yoke of the ruling elite, also known as The Powers That Be (TPTB).   Call them Kings, Pharaohs, Emperors, Dictators, Czars, Triumvirates, The Party, it does not matter.  The average man or woman is allowed to live only if it serves their interest.  We are only given such "freedom" or claim to property in so far as we are a benefit to them.  They have the power of life and death over us and we sacrifice for them or else.  We have essential been slaves (Pheasants, serfs) since the beginning of time except for a few brief moments in history.  The good time of freedom and self determination never last because TPTB will always creep back to power one little law and tax at a time until our rights and property are gone.  Ask yourself: Do you truly own your property when if you fail to pay your property tax, they can come take it from you? This is a modern development that was implemented so slowly the no one noticed, in fact everyone thinks that's the ways it's always been.

Marxism and Collectivism are just fancy masquerades to convince the average fool that sacrificing the fruit of their labors (or blood) to the collective is for the greater good when it actually benefits those of greater authority.  If you complain, you get sent to the gulag.  The  Marxists tell the useful idiots that the utopia they are fighting for will attend to their needs; however, once the Marxists come to power, the idiots learn that they are no longer needed.  Its not a good long term survival strategy for TPTB to have idiots that know how to fight hanging around with nothing to do.

TPTB fear that the burgeoning population of the world is a threat to their survival due to resource depletion, pollution, etc.  In fact, it is a threat to everyone's survival.   In true form they are going to tell you that things are being done for your survival (or the greater good) when its really for their survival.  

The new virus that is talked about does not even have to be real.  As long as the news media continues to spread panic and false numbers of death and infection rates, as they have practiced with the original virus, then they can gin up sufficient panic and compliance.  By keeping everyone locked down and distanced, it will be difficult for word to get around that no one is actually ill. 

Now it is possible that an orderly transition to collectivism will occur as the article states; however, part of the agenda 21 solution requires population reduction to balance the population with sustainable resources.  So I think that Rioting (as we have been practicing here in the states) will be the means to effect a purge.  It will be riots over food.

All of the above is certainly plausible; however, it requires too many things to go as planned.    It requires the US to elect a Socialist/Marxist leaning government that would be in lock step with the agenda.  It seems the  DEM party presidential ticket was hand picked for this agenda.   However,  Let's see what Americans do on November third.

Remember, remember, the third of November.



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