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I guess introductions are in order. I am Menaus, a high school kid interested in electromagnetic physics. The title is a misnomer, I actually am working towards becoming an electrical engineer. What brought me to science was actually reading Tesla's autobiography, and his other writings. I was his target audience, so I suppose he wrote them well. My favorite quote from Tesla is actually one that is very unheard of, and can only be found by searching diligently in The Tesla Collection (link below, for those interested).

You state that I have misinterpreted my results, and it looks as though you believe my views to be unsound. Your arguments are those of an eminent scholar. I was myself a fair scholar. For years I pondered, so to speak, day and night over books, and filled my head with sound views–very sound ones, indeed—those of others. But I could no[t] get to practical results. I then began to work and think independently. Gradually my views became unsound, but they conducted me to some sound results.

I suppose this is a theme among Mr. Distinti, and other people who have had to deal with the same thing as he when they too become dissident. Hopefully that changes. I can see a world of the future where scientists are not hampered by bias and arguments of authority, where all comprehensible theories are given equal opportunity to be fleshed out, and stand until they are finally proven wrong factually and logically rather than by prejudice created by the mind block people have ended up creating.

Its my hope that Mr. Distinti will be able to publicize his work to such an extent that a decent body of scientists recognize it and realize its significance, if it has any.

Among other things, my interests other than science include music, art, video games, relaxing time with friends, movies, anime, etc. To give an idea of what kind of things I like within each of these subject, I'll give an example of something I am exposing myself to so you guys can scrutinize and criticize my very character. <E>;)</E><br/>

For music, I am listening to Hope and Healing as I write this post. It is a rather beautiful song. 

Although I don't rigorously follow art, I certainly looking at a beautiful piece, and what comes to my mind at the moment is the great portraits people have done for Baldur's Gate:

" title="Link: http://cdn.vanillaforums.com/baldursgate.vanillaforums.com/FileUpload/f7/60af4c2db503b1faef88fcd053d8d3.jpg">">http://cdn.vanillaforums.com/baldursgate.vanillaforums.com/FileUpload/f7/60af4c2db503b1faef88fcd053d8d3.jpg


" title="Link: http://cdn.vanillaforums.com/baldursgate.vanillaforums.com/FileUpload/00/ec03c4e0e05ef1e2f251c491188afb.jpg">">http://cdn.vanillaforums.com/baldursgate.vanillaforums.com/FileUpload/00/ec03c4e0e05ef1e2f251c491188afb.jpg

And finally one more for good measure. This one is really huge so it doesn't fit on the forum.

http://cdn.vanillaforums.com/baldursgat ... 458d5b.jpg

As far as video games are concerned, I already mentioned Baldur's Gate, which is particularly great. I'm also looking forward to Pillars of Eternity, a game releasing later this year in the same vein as Baldur's Gate.

I can't really give an example of relaxing with friends, but we all know this is a cool thing, hopefully.

One of my favorite movies is Inception, along with The Prestige. I also like the second Captain America movie (despite expecting more bad things), as well as Batman Begins.

As far as anime is concerned, I am currently watching Zankyou no Terror, which is very promising. It is similar to Deathnote if any has heard of it. I also love Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist, Blast of Tempest, and Steins;Gate, among others.

Well there you go. I just told a bunch of completely anonymous people who I am and my hobbies. Now the evil NSA can track this persona since they are obviously watching us, looking for any way to suppress Master Distinti's great achievments! :D 

(If you couldn't tell, that is a stab at most other bad science that isn't mainstream science)


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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Tesla inspired many people, let's see how many people will be inspired by Robert Distinti! 

    I also like Baldur's Gate, so thanks for the link to Pillars of Eternity!
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    You're welcome.

    Yeah, I went a little overboard on that first post, but w/e.
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    Wassup youngblood!! :B -- ECS
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    Detail is welcome... you must be through college now? Come read more.
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