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Hello, everyone. I have been following Robert Distinti's YouTube videos for several months and have been very intrigued by his insights. So much so that at the age of 52, I have decided to return to school to get a second bachelor's degree (in Physics) with an emphasis on electromegnetics. One of my biggest motivators is the desire to better follow the math in Robert Distinti's segments aimed at engineers. I'm looking forward to reading through the posts here and I hope to find some good dialog here.
If Mr. Distinti happens to see this, I would like to thank him for being an inspiration. Although I was gifted in math and science in high school, I have spent the bulk of my life pursuing the arts. Having discovered these videos, however, I find myself compelled to investigate further. I start classes in September and can't wait to dive in.
Thank you also for your mention of the expanding earth theory. I am especially fascinated by this and have started to read the books of Warren Carrey. Amazing stuff! I'm incorporating a good amount of geology in my course planning as a result. Keep the videos coming!


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    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    I also find the expanding earth theory very interesting! Do you have a book from Warren Carey you could suggest to start with?
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    Hi KFrodelius,

    Welcome and congrats on returning to school.

    Its interesting that my life and yours are completely reciprocal. -- I started out in the arts.

    I was going to be a photographer -- through middle school and high school I had my own dark room and all the equipment.
    Then in the summer before my junior year there was an article in Popular Photography magazine on how to build your own electronic light meter from parts that can be obtained from Radio Shack. I built it, it worked and I was hooked (and never looked back).

    I still love art, literature, photography, music (see my liked video list), architecture, computer generated art-- all of the left brain stuff. I plan to go back to school for art (become a better painter, learn to play the guitar) when EM is underway on its own power. I still do photography (I love this all digital world -- no more chemical developers).

    I think that left brain is every bit as essential as the right brain for exploring nature. For example, left brain is satisfied when there is symmetry, and balance in a composition. The right brain seems to be happy when the answers match observation. I have found that when the mathematics that describe natural phenomenon exhibit balance and symmetry, then I have more faith in them. Maxwell's equations have violations of balance and symmetry (reciprocity being an expression of both balance and symmetry).

    The New Math Construct brings balance and symmetry to mathematics.

    In any event, Since you are going back to school for physics, I'm interested to learn what they teach Physicists in terms of critical thinking, It seems to be radically different from what they teach engineers.
    for example:
    Engineers: There is no one right way to solve a problem. Solve it backwards if needed or use approximations if tolerable.
    Physicists: There is only one wright way. Anything else gets black listed.
    (these are my perceptions -- subject to being wrong)

    Good luck,

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