Hi I'm will, I studied physics at UofO for a few years and then turned to economics. I've always been fascinated by electromagnetism and physics in general. I did some engineering with my glass-manufacturing business throughout the last 12 years, but have since sold my business and now work in the Public sector doing contract administration.
I found ethereal mechanics on youtube because i'm very interested in gyroscopic motion, free-energy, perpetual motion etc... I believe that there is certainly an agenda that suppresses the spread of knowledge that may go against the classical science regime, however I intend to learn about, and utilize the "fringe" sciences to better my life.
i look forward to learning more about the ether.


  • SebastianGSebastianG Posts: 176
    edited September 2020
    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Personally, I also think it looks like physics is steered in a wrong direction. But I'm not sure if it is on purpose or by accident. Maybe it started when physics "disproved" aether and decided that it doesn't matter. 

    Hopefully Ethereal Mechanics will get more attention and some new inventions are created which will help humanity.
  • Hi Im a New Member,
      I am building a prototype Railgun and I am coming to the end my initial design and fabrication cycle. I was riveted to your railgun videos and it looks like they petered out. If I join as a patreon can I bounce my design of you and maybe you can help me validate the results I am getting? Unlike your careful modeled approach I am just building and backing into corrections. Goal is a space gun. I really need help with how to accurately render realistic values to put into Lorentz's equation.  -Thanks 
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