What would you do with a Theory of Everything?

SebastianGSebastianG Posts: 176
I'm very interested to hear what you would do with a theory of everything!

I would put the theory of everything in a simulation program and combine it with an optimization solver. First I would tell the program that it should find the best transistor I could put on a microchip. The software would start by modelling current transistors and measure their efficiency, heat production, speed, reliability and so on. Next the software would try to make variations of the transistor by varying the materials used, the structure and so on.

After a while we should have found several new layouts to build better transistors. Using the new transistors in mainframes would increase our computations speeds a lot and enable us to do even more complex simulations with the theory of everything. Maybe we will also find out if it is possible to build a working quantum computer.


  • DistintiDistinti Posts: 38
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    First I would answer the question: Is there a creator to the universe?

    Then I would derive his (or her) phone number.

    Then I would call and ask WTF!

    Then proceed to ask a whole bunch of questions like Why is our life spans so short?

    Then the creator would pause for a moment, and then reply,

    "You have the model of everything; and thus, the answers to everything; so why are you bothering me?"

    That's when I realize how retarded we humans really are.

    The answers to all the questions are in every rain drop and blade of grass; yet we are too preoccupied with nonsense to see it.
  • SebastianGSebastianG Posts: 176
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    It really seems that our "planet of the apes" is too preoccupied with nonsense, most of the times.

    If there is a creator of our universe and you get him/her on the phone, I would like to know if his/her reality is real or just another creation like ours.
  • Wired and WoundWired and Wound Posts: 22
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    My first thought would be to ignore it, but then I would have to ask the entity that provided it, to summarize it in just a few short sentences. Then, when they couldn't do it, I would ask them to stop wasting everybody's time with nonsense, and if they persisted, I would do whatever I could to burst their ego to the point that I would probably be convicted of aggressive bullying.
    I consider all of my comments about science and physics to be theoretical and open for debate. My posts are not the views of Ethereal Mechanics, and are not meant to prove or disprove anyone else's theories. Anyone is welcome to correct or dispute them.
  • GeorgeGeorge Posts: 11
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    The implications are infinite. For me the most personally interesting and immediate uses are those of improved and boundless energy supply, improved transportation mechanisms and superior exploration devices and telemetry / reconnaissance. Having superior energy sources and understanding of how energy and magnetism work will lead to remarkable and rapid advances in many areas.

    We are currently flying blind to the majority of existence and this needs to be resolved since, as humans, we are mainly visual creatures that need to see and visualize things in order to understand how to work with, improve and manipulate the environs around us, etc.

    I have always believed that if we could create a "visor"-like technology (a la Geordi from Star Trek; which I've dabbled with slightly), then we could rapidly innovate and properly model nature and then the universe.
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