Newbie:- Old Student of the Work's of Nikola Tesla. "Everything is Light"

73 years old student of Tesla. Current studies "Magnets How they Really work". Following Ken Wheeler's theories / Books on Magnetism. Out of the box experiments on YouTube Channel. E.power.DC


  • SebastianGSebastianG Posts: 176
    Welcome to our forum! I think Tesla was one of the greatest inventor and many of his inventions are still part of our daily lifes. 

    I always liked magnets and these two videos from Distinti helped me a lot to understand them better:

  • EpowerDCEpowerDC Posts: 2
    Hi S.G.  I agree with your take on Magnetism. I am a 73 years of age student of Tesla. I too do NOT subscribe to the "Standard" iron fillings as Field lines. I do study Ken Wheeler's theories, which do in some ways reflect your views, which i like. I just love experimenting while have inside knowledge / guidance as sort of gift of "Knowing". Video response:-   YouTube Channel E.power.dc   Best Regards DC  ...  Geoffrey Jackson  (PS) Is the magnetic paper showing the Dielectric edge current or magnetic or both?
  • Hi EpowerDC, I have followed your youtube channel for a while. You say you have studied Tesla for 73 years: can you summarize what is all about with Tesla from your personal point of view?
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