Join the Helpful Engineering Group to fight against Covid-19!

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There is a group of volunteers designing open-source medical devices to support the fight against Covid-19, and they need your help!

Here is the main page of the project, there you can find the link to their slack channel for discussion and ideas:

Initially the group was founded to work on medical devices, such as open-source ventilators.
The problem with the fast growing number of patients is, that the hospitals will run out of medical ventilators very soon.

The goal is to provide a quick and easy solution that can be reproduced and assembled locally anywhere in the world.
In the moment there are more than 9000 volunteers working on multiple projects including engineering, programming, crowd-sourcing and more!

Here is a start document to answer initially questions about the project: ... g/preview#

If you have free time, please fill out the form to register as a volunteer: ... Q/viewform

Fabrication Equipment:
If you have 3D-printers, CNC-machines or other production facilities that you can provide, please fill out this form: ... A/viewform

Thank you and stay safe!
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