The Quantum Fraud begins to unravel

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Google claims to have achieved quantum supremacy, now IBM says wait a moment. As I have stated in my T12 video, Quantum computing is a fraud. These big tech Giants are swooning Paranoid Governments agencies who can't sleep late at night unless they can read everyone's encrypted private stuff. In order to keep milking the government, they must both show slow progress so that each can bilk the government for the next round of funding to achieve the next little step of the Ponzi fraud. Now that Google has decided to "jump the shark" in order to appear to be the winning horse to get more funding; IBM has to Either show more progress OR discredit them. Since there is no way to show superior progress without perpetrating an even bigger lie, the best they can do is claim Google is lying -- here is where we find out that the emperor has no clothes. More likely they are going to kiss and make up because this is easy cash for little progress. Watch them claim to form a joint venture to pool their resources. I'd rather they clobber each other so the truth can come out. Like I have stated in T12; the computer giants will just put a super computer in a box and call it a quantum computer -- and no-one will be able to tell the difference.

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