I was hopeful; but was disapointed.

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You can get a run down of the experiments of this inventor here https://patents.google.com/?inventor=Salvatore+Pais

These patents are a mish mash of technical gibberish. ALL OF THESE PATENT APPLICATION HAVE OR WILL BE GRANTED by the Patent Office because they are all a UNIQUE collection of gibberish -- which is all you need to get a patent (there is a good reason for this).

Here are the big tells:

1) His first patent (US7080504B2) was not renewed by Northrop Grumman which means it has no value. (It did not make any sense to me that you could change the burn characteristics of a jet engine by lazing the combustion chamber.

He did nothing else for NGC after that then turns up at the Navy 10 years later with a whole slew of patents -- one per year.

2) There is no way the military would allow these patents to become public if they were for real.

3) Plasma compression fusion??? Nuclear related patents are not supposed to be made public per rules of the PTO.

4) There is just no way in hell that he could produce one working prototype on these complex systems per year.

My suspicion is that these bogus patents were developed as a cover story for the tic-tac UFO footage that was accidentally released by the Navy about 2015 (next post )

https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/na ... sea-crafts

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