The Mountains are warning of an Early and cold winter

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Folks, the mountains are warning of an early and bitter winter. The first picture shows the effect where the mountain tops (hill tops) look like island in the clouds. When this effect persists after sun up it is usually mid to late October. Also the second picture shows the leaves have already started to turn. This past summer was late. I had to leave the heat on until the 1rst of June to keep my indoor plants (coffee trees) from getting too cold. But the summer was the most beautiful summer I can ever remember -- so its payback time -- and mother nature is going to collect a lot of interest this year. I have to close out any summer projects and rig for snow; typically, I slowly transition to winter from September to November; however, I already have a few trees that have almost completely shed their leaves -- so they know something that I don't and I better just get it done now. Sorry no progress this weekend.<e>

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