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LloydLloyd Posts: 35
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I took quite a while to write a message a while ago and when I clicked on "Submit" I got a message to Log In again, but then when I got back to my message to submit it, it was longer there. Luckily I copied it before submitting the first time, so I didn't lose it.

I suggest that the PHP program be improved so that submitted messages not be discarded when interrupted by a need to log in again AND I suggest that Logins be timed to last longer or as long as the user doesn't log out or the like. The forum at has a way to prevent loss of messages during logins, which you may be able to imitate here.


  • SebastianGSebastianG Posts: 176
    edited April 2020
    Thanks for your suggestion! Good idea about auto-saving the post before submission! I will research this and try to implement it here.

    I also just increased the session time from 1 to 10 hours.

    Here are some suggestions to minimize the risk of losing the message before submission:
    • Make sure to mark the check-box: "Log me on automatically each visit"
    • Cookies should also be enabled.
    • You can go back a few pages in your browser and you should see your post.
  • LloydLloyd Posts: 35
    edited April 2020
    Thanks for working on that problem. I don't think I'm likely to remember your advice on how to prevent the problem. It involves too many things to remember. So I hope it will be fixed that the advice won't be needed.
    - I see I said "when I got back to my message to submit it, it was longer there", instead of "[] no longer there", but luckily you understood what I meant to say.

    How About No Time Limit? It's nice that you increased the time limit for editing to 10 hours, instead of 1 hour, but why is a time limit needed? Some forums don't have a time limit. You can edit your post any time, which I think is only fair.

    Here's a forum that has no time limit: My username there is Luck and I like the no-time-limit there, because it allows me to update my opening post, so I can show subtitles on new posts whenever I add new posts. Here's an example of a thread I have there on Better Schooling: ... ic=16789.0. My practice there is to put a short title for the thread along with a subtitle in parentheses. I'm able to change the thread title any time, so when I add a new post I change the subtitle in parentheses, and I usually keep the title as is, though I sometimes modify the title too.

    On the QDL site, the same feature of no-time-limit may be usable to use the opening post as a working summary paper where comments etc that are added in later posts can be incorporated in the opening posts as it is updated.

    Edit. I edited this post a little and when I submitted it I got a message saying invalid/resubmit and the resubmission worked fine. It didn't delete my message. So it seems to work properly now, like the TB forum. So, if true, thanks for taking care of that.
  • SebastianGSebastianG Posts: 176
    edited April 2020
    So I set the session limit to 100 days.
    But I don't think this will work when your internet connection is cut by your provider and you get a new IP-address (In Germany they do this every 24 hours).

    You always have the possibility to click "Save draft" if you don't want to submit right now.
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