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When we search for the hidden secrets of nature I believe we are actually trying to figure out what true reality is. Understanding the TOE must include a few answers to very important questions. Why are we here? What happens upon death? These must be included in a TOE. To leave them out just means you don't actually have a TOE.

So what I wish to do is describe the massively big picture ans answer those very difficult questions. I will do so with no supporting proof. The way to the proof I will describe later for those interested.

So let us jump in.

We are all aware of the mortal human existence. But we are not aware that the human condition is an illusion. Our mind is actually a portal to our real advanced human mind. A link using a technology we have not detected. In a similar way we humans suspect an ether but have yet to touch it. Now many describe this link as the soul or spirit. We even say there is a veil which prevents us from knowing our own spirit. This advanced human (us) is billions of years old. And they of course are surrounded with the knowledge from the eternities. Their mind is able to divide and be two places at once. The majority of the mind is with an advanced body in another part of reality. The other part of their mind is linked to the mortal mind on this earth. So why would an advanced mind do this? It is actually pretty simple. When you know everything you seek the feeling of newness. When you have experienced everything you seek a new experience. This can only be done by locating part of the advanced mind in a mortal human mind. Now the advanced human also has an advanced body. It can not die unless it wants to. No one can kill you. You don't need air or food. And the advanced body does not have sex organs. Those are a design feature of the mortal human body.

In the advanced human universe it is filled with trillions of humans and occupied worlds. In order to link to a mortal human a group of advanced humans form a set. In our case that set is 17 billion advanced humans. Then a stage is set with a star (created) and a planet (created). Then the planet is terraformed to support mortal humans. When that is done then links are made to infant human babies. Thus the mortal experience.

Anyway that is a very short description of the human condition. I will add that there is one more layer above the advanced human layer. That is our eternal self.

Now this view supplies us with the answers to the very hard questions. What is my purpose? To experience out of control free will and have a sense of newness. What happens when I die? Your mind rejoins and made whole again. There is no such thing as death. It is an illusion.

Now in our first pass on this earth we lasted 2 million years. We developed fantastic technology. We made the Moon and the other planets. Trying of course to make another earth. But we never got it right. We lived on Mars and on the moon. But we had problems and basically wiped ourselves out. That was about 4 billion years ago. We have had a few passes but none lasted as long as the first. Major ice ages wipe the planet clean.

This is only the second dispensation in which we have been allowed to find electricity. We actually developed it to fast and around 1920 a stupor was placed on man so we would slow down. The ether was discarded because that halted all major advancements in electricity. Around 2008 the stupor was removed.

Anyway if anyone has questions I would be happy to answer them.



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    Very good questions. To obtain proof one must somehow think through the veil and receive something from the other side. The other way is to develop the technology that can detect the link to the mortal mind. Detecting the link is way beyond our current technology. But given enough time I am sure that can happen. So for us today we are limited to thinking through the veil. That actually can happen and humanity has been given clues to do this from many sources. It was Socrates who stated that we should not trust the senses. The great thinkers of the past used their own mind in mind experiments to advance knowledge. It was Christ who said that all truth could be found by being led by the spirit of truth that is inside of us all.

    If it is as I have stated that our purpose is to live in an out of control free will environment then it would seem that free will is rule one. So to open the door in our own mind and gain a glimpse of our own advanced mind we must push aside all other desires except to obtain truth. This means we can not ask for verification of any worldly idea. If we bring an idea to the table then rule one kicks in and we get verification from our own mind. This must be the case if such a rule exist.

    Before I go through the exact process of poking a hole in the veil I have to talk about the free will rule again. For out of control free will to exist there must be a path to obtain real truth from our own advanced mind. This channel can not be blocked if we have unlimited free will. So if we seek real truth we must be able to find the path and we should be able to take the path. So in our past some people came to the earth and left a trail of crumbs for us to follow to obtain truth. All of the major religions of the world have had their teachings influenced by hints of this path. I have found one place where the rules are laid out. There are probably more but are unknown to me.

    The rules are laid out in the Bible in Eze 14. It is a symbolic representation of what happens in our own mind. But it also describes what happens when a person with a thin veil responds to questions. Before going into what happens in the mind let us look at what happens between a "prophet" and those who ask questions. A prophet must follow the rules of free will. So if someone comes before the prophet with desires in their heart then the prophet will not give that person truth but will support their free will choice of their desire. This is how all religions have formed on this earth. Men have desired that an all powerful being will watch over them and guide them after death. Men desire power over others so religion was made to have priest and to collect money. And the list goes on. But buried inside of this mess are messages that point to the path to truth. They don't become obvious unless you seek truth no matter what it is. Now let us chat about the mind. In our own mind there exist three layers. Our normal mortal mind, the gateway, and a link to our advanced mind. Our own mortal mind is treated as a being with free will. So the rules apply. So if our mortal mind seeks to know truth then truth can be found. But if our mortal mind brings in a desire of this world like a wish for religion to be true the gatekeeper must reflect back the desire. So the mortal mind gets a spiritual experience which seems to verify the religion of choice. This is why we have some many religions of this world and many say they have had spiritual confirmation of their beliefs. We are swimming with the evidence of this condition. So how few are there that actually seek truth no matter what it is? Many a thousand on the earth. And those who find truth have a deep respect for free will. So they don't seek to change others.

    So everyone on this earth can verify for themselves what real truth is. Real truth is real reality. But this place is designed very well. So the lie of this earth is attractive. But once embraced its dark nature comes out. All of that is our choice. I will end here but will answer any questions.
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    One of the things we learn as we live in an out of control free will environment is how people will abuse power and technology. Knowing the knowledge of the ages allows our advanced being access to the power to create stars and destroy solar systems. So some self imposed rules are established to make our advanced world a heaven to live in. Now those self imposed rules need support. So we come to the mortal world to see what happens without those rules. Now we could make this place heaven as well. But sadly we choose not to. This experience is very valuable.
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    To answer your issue with the moral nature of the mortal world. Yes it does seem cruel to live in a place that can be heaven if we just knew more. So let me compare our mortal life to a human dream. When the mortal mind dreams for the most part we do not know we are dreaming. Things can happen that we would never do while awake. Do we when we wake up judge ourselves as to the content of our dreams? Or do we use the dreams as a learning experience?

    Compared to the advanced mind the mortal experience can be viewed as a dream. Even the American Indians and others have figured out about the dream state. They may not have all of the details but they sure have figured out the big picture.

    The ancient people of Australia think that the mortal awake state is a dream. They also believe that when we do dream that is reality. They are really close.
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    Things have happened in the universe that humans caused. Some of these items are used to think about the ether. Like our sun. If we think that the sun was made by natural processes then we might spend time trying to force a theory to explain that natural event. But what if I said the sun was made by advanced humans? Then the process would not be natural. The same could be said of the all of the planets. If we look for a solution for their creation that is way off from what happened we will spend many hours wasting our time.

    Now I have a theory of the ether / normal space loop. I will post it here. This is the natural way stable forms of the ether come into normal space and leave normal space back to the ether. I know that a portal between the ether and normal space can indeed be made. But I do not know the details. So after some amount of pondering I came up with my ether portal theory. I have not included the man made portal design for obvious reasons. One, I do not know the details, and second it would be real bad if someone were to do this. This theory is brand new and I am sure I have many things wrong. But it makes for a great dart board for new ideas.

    I have been reading many books about the ether and many theories about it. I have found that all of them give some insight but none of them have a ring of truth. My problem has always been the interchange between the ether and normal space. There must be some kind of wall between the ether and normal space so that the ether remains beyond our reach of instrumentation. The other problem is that all of what we would consider normal space is actually made up of stable expressions of the ether. And of course those expressions retain a link to where they came from. This is what is responsible for what we call action at a distance like radio waves and magnetism. We see effects but don’t have a clue as to understanding what the hell is going on. This theory I will describe is my first attempt to give the boundary between what we call normal space and the ether some form of bridge. In my studies I have also been exposed to an area of science called the philosophy of science dealing theory formation. To boil it all down let us say a theory should be simple to understand and will make sense to our mind.

    The portal to the ether comes in two flavors. One in which stable ether expressions in normal space return to the ether. The other portal is where the ether injects stable forms of itself into normal space. I will describe the return path first because it is easier to understand and uses terms and effects closer to what is found in orthodox science. To start I must describe what I mean as an ether expression. I will use two terms that are common to science but I will describe them in ways that orthodox science would reject. But what is interesting is the way to describe these terms will be the same as the original founders of electromagnetic theory. The views of Faraday, Maxwell, JJ Thomson, and Tesla are close to what I will describe. It is not a well known fact that the people who discovered the electromagnetic effect would reject the current orthodox view of electromagnetism. This of course is not taught in schools and many reading this will question my sanity. But rest assured that upon reading their original work you would form the same opinion. It does seem that around 1920 science took a turn away from ether theory and fully embraced particle theory. Now after 100 years we have not advanced in our understanding of electromagnetic effects. The promise of teleportation, antigravity, worm holes, time dilation, and of course free energy has not been realized. The understanding of the relationship between the ether and normal space was abandoned and with it all advancements were of course placed on hold. I have no expectations that this theory will change the mind of anyone brought up in the orthodox world of science. I was brought up in that world but I happened to escape when my eyes were opened when I took the spiritual path. Of course all of the people with a classical orthodox understanding of the world will now ignore what I write in the rest of this paper. I accept that. We all do have free will choices.
    Ether expressions
    The two items I wish to discuss are the proton and the electron. For me they are the building blocks of all normal space. These are considered stable ether expressions. Small bubbles of ether potential floating around in normal space with certain properties. I will describe these in terms similar to what the founders of electromagnetics would believe. The first is the proton. The proton has some characteristics that are meaningful to us. The first one of these is mass, the second is charge, the final one is spin. Once brought into normal space the spin would rotate the charge. This makes a magnetic field around the proton. Even the understanding of a magnetic field is completely wrong in orthodox science. But for our purposes we need not go into that. The second item is the electron. In orthodox science it is a negatively charged particle. But for our purposes we will look at the electron very differently. We will look at the electron in much the same way that JJ Thomson looked at the electron. Some of you may remember that it was JJ Thomson who discovered the electron. The electron is actually a charge voidance. Whereas the proton has charge the electron is charge voidance. Think of it as a way for charge to return to the ether. Now in normal space these two (the proton and electron) are never brought together. Other forces keep them apart.
    Before going into our discussion of ether portals we must discuss inertia. But we must view inertia from the view of the ether. When the protons and electrons are brought into normal space they are traveling at near the speed of light. We will discuss this in detail later. But for our purposes the protons and electrons have no inertia. As they run into things they slow down which to our way of thinking is how they gather inertia. So an item at rest has maximum inertia and it loses inertia if it is accelerated. This is the exact opposite of what Einstein wants us to believe. In his theory mass grows as it speeds up. Just be aware that this theory turns many ideas of orthodox science on their head.
    The return portal
    We have been taught that black holes exist. This is an area of space where matter has collapsed upon itself due to gravity. And of course the force of gravity is so strong it will not allow light out. Thus the term black hole. I do not think that black holes exist but I do agree that there are many areas in space where strong gravity exist. If you wish to know more about this read the ideas concerning gravity written by Olaf Jeffimenko. Olaf will also become important when I discuss the injection portal.
    In normal space protons have charge and as such repel each other. This is a strong force. Protons have mass so they have gravity. This force of gravity wants to pull protons together. But this is a weak force. So the strong force of charge repulsion wins. So in normal space protons stay away from each other. Now in a nucleus of an atom protons are held in place by what is called the strong nuclear force. This is outside the scope of this paper. So let us just say it happens. But the protons do not combine, they just hang out in the same area. Now in normal space electrons avoid each other as well. They are attracted to an area of charge (protons) but have no affinity to join other charge voidance expressions.
    Now we have all of the parts we need in order to describe the return portal and what happens in it. So let us begin by saying that it is a natural event to have a gravitational dense area of space. We can also say that anything close to the dense gravity field will be drawn into it. So an object made of atoms can be pulled in. All of the atoms are composed of protons and electrons. So as they are drawn in they accelerate towards the center of the gravity field. The atoms stay pretty much intact until they approach the speed of light. When this happens all of the protons in the nucleus of the atom start to lose their magnetic fields. This happens because the magnetic field flows at the speed of light. So the field can’t expand into space because the proton itself is going the speed of light and the field cannot go faster than the speed of light. This is due to the field’s link to normal space and its limited speed due to propagation restrictions. Let us say the field requires a foothold into normal space and normal space can’t allow a faster speed. This limit is due to the electrical properties of normal space. This is why radio signals travel at the speed of light but not faster.
    Now due to the gravity things are being pushed together. So as the proton loses its magnetic field the electrons are no longer blocked from approaching the proton. When the electron joins the proton the charge of the proton is gone. In essence the charge when combined with a charge voidance annihilate each other. Now protons with their magnetic fields act like permanent magnets. So with their fields they attract each other based on the polarity, north or south. The exact nature of magnetic attraction does not work on north or south poles but for our purposes it can be viewed that way. Now as the magnetic field goes away the protons are pushed together by the gravity field. The random spins on the protons cancel each other basically removing spin from the proton. The mass of the proton is the only thing left. But without the spin and charge the mass becomes an unstable form of an ether expression. The gravity basically pulls the mass into ether space. This ends the proton and electron from normal space. Exactly what is the ether is not known. This theory is just a paper to describe the two portals that allow the ether to inject or pull back ether expressions from normal space.
    The source portal
    Now this one requires some out of the box thinking. Let us start by describing how magnetic fields impart movement on mass. We all know about the rings of Saturn but few of us know the rings are made from Saturn’s magnetic field. The ring around Saturn is where the magnetic field is the weakest. So all of the objects in the ring would be pushed back into the ring if they tried to move out from the ring. This is pretty normal stuff. Now let us turn our attention to gravity. One of the odd aspects of gravity is what is called the flyby effect. This is where an object in motion flys by a planet and the object develops a spin in the process. So the movement of an object can shape gravity. Now Olaf Jeffimenko has noted how gravity is similar to electromagnetic fields. And he has suggested that in some geometric systems moving mass can be viewed as a mass current. The bottom line is that if we have the right arrangement of parts and the right movement we can reverse the force vector of a gravity field. In essence antigravity. To get more info on this read his two books on gravity. What is important to us is antigravity is a real part of this universe. Now I do not have proof that some shapes found in nature produce antigravity. But I will make a leap here and state that a galactic jet is such a system. The mass moving around a spinning disc larger than our solar system looks to be a source portal. Another possible source portal could be a quasar.
    The antigravity field actually makes things fly apart. If the field density is strong enough it causes a portal to enter between the ether and normal space. Now remember that antigravity is pushing everything apart. So the ether enters into normal space in an antigravity field. So just as ether expressions combined to annihilate themselves in a black hole in a galactic jet with antigravity the ether is pulled into opposite expressions. The ether expresses itself as mass and is pushed into normal space where it divides into bits that match the electrical properties of normal space. Charge is attached to the proton and an area of charge voidance is made to counter it. Spin is acquired by the proton in the process but the net spin of all of the protons being made is zero. The protons and electrons are expelled into normal space near the speed of light. As they slow down as they leave the area of antigravity the proton develops a magnetic field. The electrons are attracted to the protons but the magnetic field makes them spin around the proton. This makes hydrogen. Then as the hydrogen encounters other objects in free space it slows down and due to electrical processes gather together into stars.
    Wrap up
    So the universe can be viewed as a loop. An exchange between the ether and normal space. A balance that has existed forever. There is no big bang. In time the theory of the electric universe will be accepted and science can move forward. I will ponder this theory and I am sure I will make changes in the future.
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    I am wondering if the ether portal which injects stable forms of itself into normal space actually makes the heavy elements. This may match the idea that Distinti has that elements reduce to hydrogen. Then mostly hydrogen can return back to the ether.

    I do know that the configuration of the portal makes a variety of elements. In the first dispensation man made the Moon and the other planets. So this implies that the portal can be tuned (?) to produce a mix of elements.

    I also know that an injector can be made in a lab using commonly available parts. This is why science was set back around 1920. I do believe we would have destroyed the earth before its time. But now all things that were to happen have happened so no more controls. We are free to blow up the solar system. This earth has been a failure. We have never figured out how to make this place paradise. Just too many people who wish power and control.
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    Actually we made the tree which makes aspirin. We made the tree so we would find it. I know it sounds weird. I sit between a few worlds of thought. For one I was brought up as a Christian so I have a religious experience. I was also taught science in an orthodox manner. These two schools of thought were my world for many years. Then a day came in which I went down the spiritual path to obtain truth. Most go down this path and receive religion or their orthodox training. But I thought I needed to cast off all my beliefs before making the journey. As it turned out this was key to actually opening a door to my advanced self. Here I was led to many truths about this reality. But of course those truths seem as foolishness to the orthodox mind. So a comment about some tree makes perfect sense to some but for me means nothing since it is all part of this game we made on this planet. Now the same drive that led me to truth is now leading me to study the ether. I can get some views of the big picture but I must still study and ponder the rest.

    It is so easy to read what I write and compare it against what we have all learned. Then cast it away as silly junk. I did this myself for most of my life. So I see it all from both sides. When we are born we are very close to our advanced self. (be as a child) But as time goes on the world tells us how to think and what to believe. So that small voice is pushed back and at some point can't be heard of at all. So our life goes on and we believe the lie of this world. We see the logic in the traditions of our fathers and embrace that we are just some kind of special animal. Some hold on to the idea that some God being created us and we will be taking care of. But none of that is true. We are eternal creatures living in a dream state.

    So what do I do with what I know to be true? Do I ignore the world and play around with my experiments in magnetism or do I engage with others? I know the ether exist. I know that I am an eternal being. I do not believe these things I know them. So for years I have been playing around with trying to get energy out of the ether. So when a good ether theory comes along I am excited to read all about it. But I see the orthodox standing in the way of the theory. The natural order of things is branded into the orthodox mind. So we are stuck trying to place the ether into what we know is true. But that truth comes from orthodox thinking and is wrong. So we dead end ourselves. Only by throwing everything out and making no assumptions about anything will we make progress. In watching Robert Distinti's theory about the ether I can see that he too has been trying to force fit the ether into some orthodox thinking. So I post what I know on a ether website in the hope that someone may take that next step. That step is to not believe that nature did anything. I know that seems weird but I have a hard time doing nothing.
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    Let us talk about paradise. It was Christ who said that the Kingdom of God is in each of us. That actually was literal. He knew that we exist in three states and most of our mind already exist in paradise. He also said that he knew us from before the foundations of the earth. So he knows our eternal side as well as the mortal avatar walking around on the earth. He spoke many times of the father. The father is a term referring to the set of all of us in the advanced self. Which of course makes this easy to understand.

    Joh 3:13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.
    Joh 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?
    Joh 10:35 If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;
    Joh 10:36 Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?
    Joh 10:37 If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not.
    Joh 10:38 But if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works: that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him.
    Joh_14:20 At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

    We are drawn to the scriptures because we know that something is in there we should know. We wrote the scriptures, we told the prophets what to say. Then men added a bunch of nonsense and made a religion. Many men over the ages have received a vision of some new thing. Just where do you think that vision came from? Some random firing of brain cells? There is nothing new under the sun. But we can experience newness while in this mortal state. I love discovery. My advanced self loves the sensation of discovery. I wish to know the foundation of the material universe. How it works. But we are the ones standing in the way. Our assumptions of the natural world block our advancement. This post is like a message in a bottle. Just maybe someone may get triggered into that next vision.
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