amitamit Posts: 6
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I am amit.

I code, design, learn... lots of things. I joined as Passenger. I usually focus on mind studies (let me know if you want to be different?). I like to know everything so I am here now. I will poke holes or contribute if I understand enough to do so. I am in Seattle.



  • jakeb211jakeb211 Posts: 21
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    Hi amit, welcome.

    old hat. What can't you see from the top down? Emergence occurs from the bottom up. What can't you see in this image 'layers'? How long is my telephone pole?
  • SebastianGSebastianG Posts: 182
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    Welcome to the forum! Mind studies, sounds interesting! I want to know more :)
  • amitamit Posts: 6
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    I upped my sub.

    Sebastian if you are interested I love talking about it. Like most knowledge most people find it too intense and run away :(
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