2D action platformer - physics problems.

MichaelSmithMichaelSmith Posts: 10

I'm in the process of developing a 2D action platformer using Slick2D.I've been spending pretty much the whole day trying to get physics working correctly. I've browsed an untold amount of websites, tried loads of different things trying to get physics working properly.I use SpriteSheet to load my sprite. I'm using the slopes and collisions tutorial provided by spiegel (thanks!) on the wiki to create the collisons. Collisions seem to be working well. I have a polygon shaped to my character which is used to collide with the tiles used to form the levels.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

http://slick.ninjacave.com/forum/viewto ... f=3&t=4955
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