New to Ethereal Mechanics

balboatennisbalboatennis Posts: 2
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B)  Hello,
I am a recently retired Electrical Engr/Scientist class of 81' and a Vietnam Navy Vet via Uss Enterprise and Uss Saratoga trained on F4 and F14 maintenance. I have time to get caught up on my reading starting with Nicola Tesla and trying to dissect and model the Tesla Coil. It appears from this forum that Ether is becoming more and more accepted as a reality here and I believe it might help explain much of the gaps in our current understanding of nature. So here I am ready to learn some new things.


  • SebastianGSebastianG Posts: 182
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    Hello balboatennis,

    Thanks for joining! 
    I hope you find some answers to fill in the gaps and I'm sure there are new questions you may not have thought about yet! :smiley: 
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