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Anomalies and Paradoxes of CE (Classical Electromagnetism):
Capacitor Anomaly:
Classical Flux Anomaly:
Faraday’s Homopolar Generator Riddle:
Classical Attempt at Self-inductance:
Displacement Current Dilemma:
Maxwell’s Displacement Current:
Maxwell’s Omission #1: Kirchhoff’s Law:
Maxwell’s Dilemma: Too Much Flux:
RD's (NE) New Electromagnetism: Introduction:
RD's NE (V3):
RD's NE: Protons & Hydrogen:
RD's New Induction Quintessential Argument:
RD's New Induction: Neumann Equation:
RD's New Induction: Applications:
RD's New Magnetism:
RD's New Magnetism: Flat Magnets:
Coaxial Bar Magnet Experiment:
The Secrets of F=QvxB:
Ocean Rift Magnetic Anomaly:
RD's New Gravity:
Quick Formula Reference Chart:
Rules of Knowledge Acquisition:
Rules of Nature:
Others' Papers:
Directory of Documents about RD's Theories!

RD's Youtube Channel: ... jZQ/videos
RD's Videos
D001 Global warming non sense
D001A: Global Warming causes the increase in Carbon Dioxide
D002: New Magnetism: Part 1
D003: New Magnetism Part 2
D004: New Electromagnetism Demonstration
D005: The No-Bull Prize
D006: The News Distorts Reality
D007: The Greatest Crime Against Humanity
D008: How To Identify Junk Science
D009: Abrahams Blunder
D010: The Fractional Reserve Banking Fraud
D011: The Greater Good ... USs_L9AjZQ
D012: Monkeys with Typewriters
D014: The Divergance Epiphany
d015: Saving the Republic: Just know what a republic really is

emV000: Introduction to Ethereal Mechanics
emV001 Ethereal Mechanics Introduction
emV002/Light 1/Maxwell 1/ Displacement Current Caper
emv002b: The Great Displacement Current Caper REDO
emv002C: Addendum/Overview: Maxwell's Displacment current fraud
emV003/Light 2/Maxwell 2/Faraday's Fallacy
emV004/Light 3/Comparision of Wave models
emV005: Olbers Paradox, Big Bang theory
emV006/light 5/Conjecture 1/CMBR
emV007: Cycles of Science
emV008: Demystifying & Improving Science
emV009: Demystifying math/ epochs of natural structure
emV010: Epochs of Mother Nature/ Conjecture
emV011: PAIN Recap or ROA
emV012: Mass Paradox
emV013: Newtons Conundrum
emV014: Newton's 3rd Law is Bunk
emV015: Inertia-Less Matter/Newton Wrap-up
emV016: The Antenna Paradox
emV018: New Electromagnetism V3/V4
emV019: The History of Luminiferous Aether/ Michelson-Morley
emV020: New Ether Part 1: Reciprocal Thinking
emV021: New Ether Part 2: Matter must consume energy to exist, The End of Science as we know it
emV022: The Relativity Aberration
emV023: Ether Whirlpool model
emV024: The Earth and Moon
emV025: Blood, Water, Oil and Granite
emV026: Energy Destruction and Displacement Current Q&A
emV027:DU4: The Sun: An Ether Dynamo
emV028_part1: Planetary Orbits and Precesion
emV029: Universe, Galaxies and Black Holes
emV030: Precession without over-unity; Black Holes Continued.
emV031: Antimatter, Path Forward, Updates.
emV032: Intro to Ethereal Mechanics Part 3
emV033: Ethons
emV034: Pretons, The precursor of matter
emV035: Electrogravity
emV036: Gateway Models
emv037: Electrogravity Part 2
emv038:Mass Murder
emV039: The Antimatter Effect
emV040: Ghosts in The Ether
emV041: The Pretonic Gateway
emv042: Ghosts in the Ether Part 2
emv043: Ethereal Mechanics: A Look Ahead
emv044: Mother Nature's Gateways
emv045: Breaking Relativity
emv046: Michelson-Morley and the absolute reference frame
emv047: E=IC^2
emv048: The Purpose of the Universe (Conjecture)
emv049: Introduction to the New Math Construct

ROA01: Correct Answers Prove Nothing, ROA02: One Wrong Answer Disproves
ROA #1: Correct Answers Prove Nothing
ROA #2: A single Wrong Answer Proves A theory wrong
ROA #3: Monkey Do, does not mean Monkey Know
ROA #4: The Utility Imperative
ROA #5: The Truth Conundrum
ROA06: Prior Knowledge is Problematic
ROA06: Prior Knowledge is Problematic (redo)
ROA07: Popularity is not proof + Smarter Monkey Theorem
ROA#8 Science Is Anarchy
ROA10: Mimic Nature
ROA11: Ex Infinitum Unum, Ex Unum Infinitum
rao12: Math is a superset of nature
roa17: Ambiguity is for Mystics
ROA31: Simplicity is Universal

U Q1 00: Introduction to Engineering Q-Vectors
U Q1 01: Part1: Coordinate System
U Q1 02: Q-Vectors definitions
U Q1 03: Review of classical vector operators
U Q1 04: The Development of Q-Vectors
U Q1 05: Review of Classical Matrices and operators
U Q1 06: The [AB] Matrix part 1
U Q1 07: Q-Division

S001: Comparison of Glow in Dark Products
S002: Ethereal Mechanics: Behind the Scenes #1
S003: Ethereal Mechanics: Behind the Scenes #2
S004: Ethereal Mechanics: Behind the Scenes #3
S005: Behind the Scenes #4
s006: behind the scenes 5
S007: Holiday Lights and info
S008: Ethereal Mechanics: Behind the scenes #6

Ethereal Mechanics Foundation Series:
emf000: Introduction to Foundation
emf001T1: Quad Loop Experiment: Theory 1
emf001T2: Quad Loop Experiment: Theory 2
emf001h: Quad Loop: Constructing the loops
emf001x: Quad Loop: Experimental Data
emf001R: Quad Loop Data Review
emf002T:Rhombus Experiment: Theory
emf002H:How To Make the rhombus experiment
emf002x: Measuring the Rhombus Experiment
emf002r: Rhombus Experiment Data Review
emf002C1: Sumulation and Computer results
emf003: Induction Disambiguation; NE model for light
emf004: New Electromagnetism, Matter , Energy, Time Dilation
emf005: Relativity, Covariance and the reference Frame of New Electromagnetism
emf006: New Gravity and The Unified Field Theory

puz001: The Monty Hall Problem Explained
puz002: The Missing Dollar Paradox

U NW1 00: Distinti's New Wave Theory: Introduction
U NW1 01: New Wave theory: What is a wave?
U NW1 02: Distnti's New Wave Theory: Wave Energy
U NW1 03: Distinti's New Wave Theory: Diffraction Anomaly
U NW1 04: Helmholz
U NW1 05: Initial Fluidic FEM

RMB001: How To Use Your Retarded Monkey Brain
RMB002: Motivation: Don't be a useless Eater or a useful idiot


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