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I'm new here I stumbled across the youtube channel after following Theoria Apophasis and the "Secrets of Magnetism." I found a post where TA was not dis-proved but instead explained the behavior in a common sense way and was not demeaning. Oh hey and MATH came back into the picture to help define and predict future behavior. Something that TA never could do. 

I have a masters degree in EE and have my PE and have been doing automation and controls my whole career (25 years) . Frankly I have not had the need for much deep math since studying / taking the PE. But for the last couple of years for whatever reason I have had a re-awakening that all that was taught to me in school(s) was not necessarily correct. This has sparked a deep desire and interest in these topics which I can't seem to get enough of.

I'm very glad to have stumbled across your work.

I'm just scratching the surface of this work ... I really need to find a good way to go through in in some sort of order or progression. I' have not looked to see if there is some sort of recommendation yet ... but that is next. 

so Hello everyone. :smiley:


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    Hi MhoWatt,

    Thanks for joining the forum and sorry for my late reply! 
    If you are still looking for a recommendation you choose any playlist on Robert's Channel which sounds interesting to you:

    I like the videos about Ethereal Mechanics the most  :)
  • "This has sparked a deep desire and interest in these topics which I can't seem to get enough of."

    Exactly what happened to me starting from 2019
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