Zero point power system for new electro gravity low voltage lifter

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Hello !

Zero point is not a new term but from my observation it has far to many contradictions and theory and needs a basic technology to confirm the reality of zero point and to this I am willing to provide a simple and real technology I am now working with.

I dont want to confuse zero point with atomic energy like the effect for the TPU USA technology or the paramagnetic resonance effects as with the kapanadaze technology..

I will be outlining a simple arrangement that is both demonstrable and reliable safe at a working voltage of 35v DC with 25v DC 22000uf cap bank to be used to flood a designed lifter made with a 1 meter aluminium circle ring as its negative and the cathode arrangement made with nickel 0.10mm wire.

The pulse can be either by direct DC or duty cycle using a 9 code logarithm operating via a new formula for the harmonic law of earth gravity and the periodic harmonic law for phonon surface electrons.

It is proposed that high voltage lifters are using the wrong current influencing static particles such as tritium to push out the aeither by force and that force is not the correct way to alter the gravity field to best effect over current. It is proposed that a new law in the harmonisation of gravity is to be achieved AND CONFIRMED by stimulating a heavy weight lift at between 12vDC and 36v DC at zero point current.

It is also proposed that the said aeither has a vector spin clock wise at 2.2 degrees imperial measurement with a harmonisation vector for the curvature of space time again at 2.2 degrees imperial. It is also considered that the vector of spin for a photon is within the key note frequency for earth gravity at the root key of C.

A unified gravity field chromatic constant between the aeither the electron and the photon is to be considered for mathematical super phasing of the said zero point energy field.

The end equations are open to suggestion but the end result is that one kilo of mass at one metre has a drop potential of 10 watts and to that one can consider that a liberated mass from earth gravity at one kilo requires 10 watts at any volts including one volt at one amp one coulomb of electrons.

The earth gravity fields are considered to be arranged along the 9 code logarithm with harmonics at 36inch above the surface of the earth 3600 miles towards the earth core and at 36000 miles to outer space at zero point G....

It is also considered that when the achieved one kilo at one metre at 10 watts lift is confirmed that by tuning a higher harmonic of the same energy field that a 10 kilo weight can be liberated for the same 10 watt input of power.

Again this can be considered as the first two steps up the zero point ladder and the next quantised step will be 100 kilos for the same 10 watts of power input... I dont yet see a limit for the liberation of mass for the 10 watts of input power if one climbs the gravity ladder in harmonisation with the new law for the harmonisation of gravity via the aeither.

Finally it is proposed that the aeither is to be isolated as a bubble in water where it is to collapse before it is to reach the surface of the water !!!

The aeither must be isolated and as to that I fill very confident from my own experimentations that the aeither bubble has been achieved and the above operational formula is now obtainable.

I am not here to mess around so lets get on with the show and build some real space crafts on a low budget at low volts with a heavy lift or humanity again will be paddling up river and against the flow of common-sense..




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