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Glad to have found Robert's videos. Sparky on the forum at mentioned them a few days ago and I find them very interesting.

I'm near St. Louis, MO. I'm older than you guys, over 50. I've always enjoyed reading many science topics. I took some physics and calculus courses in college. Then I read Velikovsky's books, like Worlds in Collision, and followed Catastrophist researchers who came after him. Velikovsky felt that electrical forces seemed to be involved in close encounters between planets a few thousand years ago and some physical scientists started the Electric Universe theory after considering Velikovsky's ideas. That culminated in the Thunderbolts site in 2004.

Charles Chandler has the best Electric Universe theories I've seen, which explain how stars and exotic objects form electrically etc. He's a software developer and is building a website for improving science and helping theorists to develop their ideas and writing summary papers etc. The website is at and I'm starting a Project for Science Reform there.

I also like Miles Mathis' papers, which explain a lot of the flaws in conventional physics, astronomy etc. See I think Robert's, Charles' and Miles' ideas may improve each other and I hope to see some productive collaboration for that etc.


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    I registered to the qdl website

    At the moment I'm writing a short introduction to Robert's Ethereal Mechanics Theories in the Aether section.
    I will post it here as soon as it is finished.
  • Thanks for the resources about Miles Mathis. I have looked in his website, much like distinti's style :D, I already found that angular velocity equation is wrong according to him. Woah, If we give credit to every claim we see, what in science can ben considered right?
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