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Hello Everyone!

We are going to start an Open-Source-Hardware project about Robert's Ethereal Mechanics Experiments! What we really need are exact drawings and 3D models of each experiment.

We are using Onshape as CAD and Collaboration tool to design Paradox Generators and the Railgun Experiments.

With a free account ( click "Create Account" and "I'm a hobbyist or maker") you can create public documents and invite other users work with you in real time. No need to install anything, just use a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)!

I think this is the perfect tool to capture the complete information so everyone in the world can recreate the experiments.

You can also make copies of the complete designs and vary the size of the experiment. This could help generate more experimental data to verify the simulation models!

Here is a preview of the Paradox 1: ... 10915ad05a
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