After spending more time plotting out the expression on my white-board, it became obvious that free-space (µ, ε) has a state of equilibrium. Not only this, but their dynamic response is exactly the same as a modulating radio signal. This means that their maximum amount of elasticity is exactly 50% of free-space velocity of 3e^8 m/s. This would put:

µ ←→ = 2 2/9 ns/m = 150e^6 m/s
ε →← = 6 2/3 ns/m = 450e^6 m/s

Using the U.E. where (b = µ - ε), you can now see that the maximum simultaneous change in their vector velocities - (that will keep a constant 3e^8 m/s) - has to be 150e^6 m/s in either direction. It is exactly the same as the formula for impedance, power, and modulation. These simple "coincidences" just keep adding up.

(note) - I am still trying to figure out if free-space's native state is in equilibrium, or if there is a native state of resistivity in which it exists in. Since the U.E. tells me that it actually exists outside of equilibrium (where there is an overlap between µ and ε of exactly 1/Φ. This may, or may not affect the dynamic response of µ, and ε , but I'd have to look into it further.
I consider all of my comments about science and physics to be theoretical and open for debate. My posts are not the views of Ethereal Mechanics, and are not meant to prove or disprove anyone else's theories. Anyone is welcome to correct or dispute them.
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