Hello World, Eric Sparkman Hailing Federation Starship USS Distinti! Lol

:sunglasses: Greetings Captain Distinti!!

KISS Summary: (1) Thanks Rob and Friends! (2) Can I help? (3) Demo of writing, Thoughts on founding issues. (4) Can I Science with You Guys? (5) Contact Info.

(1) Basically, I fell out of love with science when I got to Electricity and Magnetism in Physics. I wasn't confused about what I was being taught, but I immediately knew that the whole field was complicated by a serious fundamental set of flaws which had propagated from one epochs celebrated scientific-model-building historical 'giant' to the next epochs 'giant' of discovery. Basically what Science Officer Distinti is doing is what I find to be the most important and interesting thing I have ever seen any scientist or engineer do in my entire life, and something I have been philosophizing and researching myself for 20 years, just not in as cognitively lucid a manner as Professor D. Therefore, Thank you from the bottom of my Heart and Mind! Sincerely, I can't express my personal gratitude enough.

I am personally extending a greeting to Mr Distinti, et al., and those whom I am confident compose this (definitively not pseudoscientific) affiliate society, by necessary interest... Salutations Discerning Intellectuals, Ninjaneering Elite, Philosophers of Integrity, Hax0r 1337 Architects & The Rarified Noble Atmosphere of Genuine Scientists*!

*(Going for a rarified Noble gas aether per Tesla & the sad fact that science sits behind the career path of least resistance and subjective personal interest far too ubiquitously  :/ , pun...)

(2) My name is Eric, I'm 37yo and from Florida but live in Kentucky at the moment. I studied Chemistry and Computer Science at UF awhile back (1999-2003) toward a BS. I have had an issue with Right brain execution of the Left brain art of science, but didn't identify it in that terminology.

Anyway, I write software, study math, etc. I use Arch Linux and other Open source software. Never built a PC from scratch but man I wish I had, and now foster a hope to. That is 1337 Pwnage. ::Respect::  Sensai bow. 

Hopefully I can assist or contribute in some way to discussion and empirical data. I have some intuitive hunches about select theory and work, which I attribute to low level correlative pattern identification by subconscious processes of abstraction, and would like to share them here, and I wonder whether anyone wants to collaborate on publishing research papers citing the Ethereal Mechanics presented here?

(3) I posit that there were vast conceptual vacuums in the scientific method, as practiced professionally. That certain semantic and syntactic limitations were caused by and compounded by biology's neural-architectural imposed constraints on information storage and processing. Also theoretical development, through observation and reasoning induced correlation, yielded abstract logic and mathematical model development biases, and these were systemically propagating fallacies to nature as perceived by humanity using contemporary scientific understanding...

::Warning -- Opinion -- Warning::

It is time, in terms of consistency, development, scope, usefulness and impact on quality of life; (when applied in engineering applications to improve modern civilization) to upgrade our science, technology and work by recognizing these real limiting factors and use correctly utilized mental tools to overcome them for the benefit of all.

(4) I am interested in joining the forces of hyper-intelligent software engineers and those who wish to practice honest science, creative technology developers and others, to further the Ethereal Mechanics of Professor Distinti. Please contact me or reply to this topic if this is possible. I think people need to think and feel more effectively than ever before, about improving our reality intentionally and cooperatively, because if we don't, distributed AI will do it in a way simultaneously better & less well, than us which won't be easy to guide later on. Imagine if business and politics form the basis of vastly more powerful than collective human intelligence, where will everything making life worthwhile fall in that abstract relative-truth hyperspace (or whatever mathematical entity is used by our technical progeny to substitute for values, ethics, morality?)...

...That's why the Rules of Acquisition are so brilliantly inspired, a true work of genius! This, ROA/ Ethereal Mechanics, is (opinion) the kernel of post AI human worth as Intellectually-responsible sovereign-through-awareness beings, in a sense, by clearing out the bugs from the best stuff civilization accomplished in known history -- it refreshes our achievements while retaining their momentum in preparation for a warp speed acceleration by AI and Cloud Mind entities; already underway and very real. (Google Deep Mind, DNA Computation, Quantum Computation (I suspect this is actually an Omni-mind interface by accident of theory-flaw in QM, but I have my own pet concepts suggesting that), IOT Emergent Consciousness, The set of all Neural Network engines, And everything I don't know about yet... These are evolving, exponentially, as I type. You really want to still be squaring off like tribes of chimps over abstractions of belief or perceived demographic membership when deep down we a know we are capable of being collectively cooperative to our own human exponentially greater effectiveness?

Point: Want to Science here. May I?

(5) Eric Sparkman,
Email: VorticieFlux6626@gmail.com,
Web Experiment: http://sparkOne.servegame.com,
LAMP stack on old PC -- uptime suboptimal.
Day-job: SparkOne Labs™ (I make web software, sites,... )

Thank you!
E C Sparkman


  • SebastianGSebastianG Posts: 176
    edited April 2020
    Hello and welcome on board!

    Thank you very much for your nice introduction of yourself!

    Of course you can help, there is a lot of work and at moment Robert is doing all by himself.
    Hopefully the work can be distributed to several users, but this is not yet ready.

    In the mean time you can also help in distributing the idea of Ethereal Mechanics! And also check out Robert's Patreon Site with the latest videos and updates:

    Best regards,
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