Argument for the Reality of Infinity: Comments for video 21

Distinti's video on the stability of matter being dependant of the consumption of ether is compelling. It makes a lot of sense on the surface and deserves to be explored in depth. My issue with his theory has to do with his primer stating that infinity does not have a place in the exposition of science, but I disagree.

We all consider the inverse square law to be a relevant understanding of energy dispersion, but has anyone ever considered that it can be applied in reverse? In consideration of the necessity of the consumption of ether it must, and let me tell you why.

When applying pressure of your hand against an immovable object like a wall, we have been taught that the force equals 0, in that the wall is providing and equal and opposite force against the force applied by the hand. But we all know that the harder we press against the wall, the more energy we use to do it, and that if our bodily functions cease, the pressure would stop. So there is obviously energy being consumed to allow this action to exist.

Well, the inverse square law states that as we double the distance away from the origin, that the energy emitted from it will be dispersed by a ratio of 1/4. Now let's apply this in reverse. As the hand is halving the distance to the origin of the force from the wall, the energy will be condensed by a ratio of 4/1, which is why we feel the force increasing. Now how can this be if there is no distance to half?

People do not use common sense. Just because the face of the wall appears to be point 0 does not mean that the force from the wall exist on its surface. Our human senses are just transducers that receive energy input and then sends it to our brains, which interprets that information into something we can use, which is why there is so much misunderstanding in physics, because what we perceive is happening is just a transformation of that energy into psychological understanding.

The math is easy if you try it. If it takes an increase in force from your body to apply more pressure on the wall, then there must be a distance that your hand is moving. And likewise, if an infinite center origin of energy does not exist, then there must be a point where applied pressure to an immovable object must cease. So when anything reaches this point, energy will cease to exist. This cannot be true. We all know that the applied pressure continues, and thusly, there must be an infinite center of the origin of energy.
I consider all of my comments about science and physics to be theoretical and open for debate. My posts are not the views of Ethereal Mechanics, and are not meant to prove or disprove anyone else's theories. Anyone is welcome to correct or dispute them.
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