out of the box

Tell us who you are and how you did find out about Ethereal Mechanics
Walter Verbrugggen
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out of the box

Post by Walter Verbrugggen » Thu May 08, 2014 5:33 am

I'm Walter Verbruggen age of 49, living in Belgium, maried with 4 children (allready adolescents).
I'm an electronic development engineer, now for about 14 years.
Before this I lived 7 years in South America and give some education to street-children.
Here I came in contact with an other type of science EAV (electroacupuncture according Voll) or Rife frequency therapy.
This confrontation has opened my mind, and made clear the current education is not based on understanding...

I've been following Robert allready for about 4 years, and have been struggeling trough his documents.
Altough they were very clear, I had a lot of difficulties in abandoning the "currently educated knowledge"

I feel like current science is far from completed, we have confidence in 150 years old "laws", but we can't go beyond...

When possible, I try to inform my collegues about Robert's models, mostly they listen but there it stops.
Many people are stucked in there education and don't want to leave there comfort-zone to look outside the box.

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Re: out of the box

Post by SebastianG » Sun May 11, 2014 5:43 am

Hello Walter,
Welcome to the forum!

I also tried to talk to people around me about Robert's theories. Mainly the physicist are the ones who seems to be stuck to their education, which is a little bit odd since they should be in search for the truth.

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