Ethereal mechanics conceptuation

Everything about Robert Distinti's Ethereal Mechanics, New Electromagnetism theories and Q-Vector Algebra.
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Ethereal mechanics conceptuation

Post by Walter Verbrugggen » Wed Jul 02, 2014 3:04 am

Last weeks I was crunching my brains a bit on making a intelligible presentation of Distinti's Ether model.
I think of ether more as like the sink in a bath tube, every part of the ether will be affected if on an other place the ether dissapears trough the sink.
Since matter consumes ether this could be presented as the ethereal sink.

Some things in the current models don't fit.

For example F=m.a , but for the gravitation force ,this becomes F=G.m1.m2/r^2
The same problem with Coulombs model, we multiplly two charges but get one force.

I've tried to order my toughts a bit in the document linked below... ... sp=sharing

For the constants KE and KM the units have to change, and
KE ==> m^2/s a superficial change per second
KM ==> m only meters....
the speed of light will be c=KE/KM and is expressed in m/s (as should)

My goal is to describe the G constant in function of KE and KM

But at this moment I'm blocked.
with trigonometric calculation you have a factor with the multiplication (as we see in the models) but I have to get rid of the other factors ( they should anhillate each other )
If you have new toughts about this, please correct, or comment it in the document.

Knowledge should be shared, not claimed....

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