Ethereal Mechanics Foundation Series announced!

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Ethereal Mechanics Foundation Series announced!

Post by SebastianG » Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:44 pm

Hi everyone,

Robert announced a new "Ethereal Mechanics Foundation Series" with lots of supporting experiments and simulations and a lot more: ... SuhPFMW998
What's Happening
Because of my new lease on life I have taken time to rethink the path ahead.. please follow.

For the past few years I have been rushing ahead into Ethereal Mechanic without taking the time to publish any of the supporting experiments or simulations.

Such publications/demonstrations/Releases/etc are very time consuming. Because I thought I had limited time, I wanted to get to the end as soon as possible spending only enough time on videos/publications to serve as a trail of breadcrumbs for others to follow. I have never been happy with the general quality of the videos; however, that was never my priority.

Now that I believe that I have the time, its time to put forward progress on hold (this will give me time to explore Q) and publish the experiments and simulations that are the foundation upon which ethereal mechanics is built.

It is my extreme desire (wishful thinking perhaps) to make these foundation series of videos so good that they get noticed and I get a Discovery channel show so that I can get paid to do Ethereal Mechanics full time. Imagine having a full team of writers, producers, animators, etc. to take care of that end allowing me to concentrate full time on the parts that I do best..

The following is the schedule of the foundation series of videos (The dates are tentative)

The Ethereal Mechanics Foundation Series
emf000: Introduction to the Foundation series (FEB 17)
emf001: The Dual Loop Experiment (experiment) (FEB 18)
emf001_howTo: How to make the loop experiment (FEB 19)
emf002: The Rhombus Experiment (experiment)
emf002_howTo: How to Make the Rhombus Experiment
emf003: The New Induction Search (software)
emf003_howTo: how to use the New Induction Search software
emf004_Destroying James Clerk Maxwell (Discussion/Derivation)
emf005_The Search for New Magnetism (Derivation)
emf006_The Theory of Relativity is an illusion of Electricity (Derivation)
emf007_Destroying the Theory of Relativity (introduction to next three videos)
emf008_The Homopolar_Paradox (Experiment) -- there will be a series of how-to videos for this
emf009_Stellar Aberration Simulation: Relativity vs. Ethereal Mechanics (software simulation )
emf010_Precession of Mercury Simulation: Relativity vs. Ethereal Mechanics (software simulation)
emf011_Evidence of Ethereal viscosity from well known observations (software demonstration )
emf012_Computing the inductance of the inductors used in the above with the New Electromagnetism Software tools (software demonstration and how to use)

Next: New experiments to decompose and isolate ethereal properties

Here Are other videos on the back burner (not necessarily in the order shown) -- these will be squeezed out in between the above as time permits.
Explanation of the Misner effect
Q-Vectors meaning of AB
Q-Vectors Identities
Distinti University course : New Wave theory (this is also a foundation for EM)
The Smarter Monkey theorem
ROA 16: Derivations Without Observation are Alchemy (revised)
Revised: Gateway Feedback theory
The Utopia Fallacy

That's all for now
So what do you think!

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