Particles of the Universe meets Distinti's Universe

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Particles of the Universe meets Distinti's Universe

Post by SebastianG » Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:44 pm

Jeff Yee and Lori Gardi released a brand new paper!

In this article, the most important equations in classical physics, including Einstein's energy-mass equivalence , Coulomb's law and Newton's laws, are compared to and validated against a set of force equations developed by independent researcher Robert Distinti. These results are further validated against Jeff Yee's equations from his wave model of a particle. It was found that all three sets of equations give equivalent results. Distinti's equations are slightly more detailed than the classical equations while Yee's equation offer much more detail. These extra details could point to a better and more complete understanding of the inner workings of nature. For this reason, further investigation into these alternate approaches is highly recommended.

(PDF) Particles of the Universe meets Distinti's Universe. Available from: ... s_Universe [accessed Jul 10 2018].
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