Buoyancy of the Ether

Hi Everyone,
I originally sent this through the patreon messages and they told me I should post it here so...
I've been working on a theory of gravity for a few years now and it lead me a little further than I thought it would.  In the process of developing this theory I ended up finding that it also needed to include the other 3 Fundamental Forces of physics.  After including them I then discovered the origin of their interactions and inadvertently proved that there is a medium that exists in all space.  I have also included explanations, definitions, and examples of what the Ether is likely to be made of and how it interacts with the universe it surrounds.  

Please see the paper here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CRmsXvRTtBUGwgtL5x2GaNyHF8NpqtPaPrzgtsgpRw8/edit?usp=sharing

I welcome any feedback and am happy to answer any questions or just discuss the topic in general.  I have included a Preface to the theory to help the reader visualize the interactions better...the actual theory starts at the "Claim:" section.  I look forward to hearing from you all.



  • Excerpt from the Summation in case it's too long to read: 

    The universe floats on a medium of electromagnetic and gravitational energy, which is actually made up of tiny particles so small that even light will push them aside.  The buoyancy of an object upon this medium is what determines the inherent energy the object possesses, and the energy it possesses determines how it will interact with other objects.  This gives the universe a cyclical nature based on the inherent wave feature of the particles and energy down to its smallest components, and implies that knowledge and understanding of all of the variables involved would enable the identification of specific points of interest in specific cycles.  Using this information we would then be able to isolate gravity and weak force frequencies of interest and use them for propulsion in many forms.

    The buoyant force on an object creates a vibration in the object and this vibration determines the gravimetric and weak force interactions of the object.  If the object’s density is high enough that the buoyant force can overcome its structural integrity then the object will be compressed and this compression will in turn generate rotation.  This rotation then will cause a magnetic field in the form of a vortex around the object.  In this way the buoyant force can be used to explain and demonstrate how the “4 Fundamental Forces of Physics” work, and why they work as they do.

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